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Revolutionary LED Decor Grow Light

IT’S ALL HERE – Brilliance, Beauty, and Power – in one compact unit. The Aspect is the first LED grow light developed specifically for interior design, allowing you to grow whatever plant you want wherever you want while aesthetically enhancing any indoor space. The Aspect is a revolutionary LED pendant light that grows plants using the photosynthetic spectrum while displaying them with museum quality light.


Save hundreds over it's lifetime, what we do with a 20 Watt LED takes other companies up to 60 watts to achieve. Lower wattage means lower electricity bills


The Aspect offers a unique option that allows you to interchange lamp shades of your choice and choose from over 15 different cord colors to match the interior design of any room

The Aspect - Black & White


Never replace a bulb! The Aspect is hand-crafted in Pennsylvania, built to last 100,000hrs (17yrs) and is guaranteed to outlast any competitor


Uses a unique LED that produces a full spectrum of light within the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) range of 400-700 nanometers which promotes healthy plants

Why the Aspect?

Bring Nature Indoors with the Aspect! From providing food to decorating homes, plants are essential to our lives. Did you know that growing plants indoors has other benefits such as purifying the air, increasing productivity, improving health and reducing stress? Check out how the Aspect can breathe life into your indoor space!

Comes in Two Sizes

Depending on what you want to grow, we have an Aspect for it! Our 20 watt model is great for smaller plants while our 40 watt model can support larger plants and dwarf trees!

Custom Stands

We now offer industrial style stands for the steampunk lover in everyone! These stands are built by local artist in Bethlehem, coated in lacquer to prevent rust, and shipped either fully or nearly assembled for free!

Check out our unique stands today

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