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Plants near computer
A Green Home

Hi, my name is Emmi Walden and I come from Finland. I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks here in Pennsylvania at Lehigh University. I’m currently working on a project concerning eco-friendly grow lights. My team and I are excited to be consulting Soltech Solutions. Soltech Solutions’ mission is to produce nice-looking grow lights that would make it possible for everyone to have a green home without comprising on the looks. In Finland, my home is jampacked with different types of plants. I find that being surrounded by the nature even when I’m watching Netflix or doing my chores is very calming. Plants can be a great stress-reliever and they are able to bring life and freshness into your everyday life. In addition, having a plant around the office or at home can bring joy and happiness to one’s life. And who would say no to happiness, right? It has also been proven that plants can increase productivity at work and even at home when accomplishing everyday tasks. Coming home after a long day to a green home can instantly boost one’s mood. I bet that everyone could use some additional happiness in their lives. I’m very interested in this project because Soltech Solutions could bring more life into your home as well.


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