17 Jan: Simplistic Design
The notion of achieving an aesthetically pleasing interior design while keeping a simplistic style is not an easy feat. Follow these simple steps for the best “less is more” design.
5 easy plants
04 Jan: 5 Easy Plants to Grow Indoors
Here are some super easy plants to grow indoors all while maintaining that healthy lifestyle you’re looking for. Best part? They’re grown in your home to compliment any type of lifestyle & enhance your interior design.
Strawberries and Blueberries
30 Aug: A French Perspective
The first thing I realized when I arrived in America was, that all kinds of GMOs, genetically modified organisms, are being incorporated into the fruits and vegetables.
student in library
27 Jul: A “Green” Defense
When 50% of the nation's schools have been diagnosed with air quality issues, there is a large need for reliable purifiers. Plants naturally purify the surrounding air but need a means to flourish indoors.