A Green Life is a Good Life

There is a place where we each can find the solace and sanctum necessary in our daily lives; and that is the home.  However, the home is only as comforting and rejuvenating as we design it.  We all crave comfort in simple things like Netflix or a good wine, but what’s more comforting than finding yourself surrounded by lush green nature?  Bringing the outdoors in has rapidly become the latest trend in interior design and it shows no sign of slowing down- with good reason.

By incorporating plants into your home and workspace, you introduce not only the natural beauty of plants but also their countless health benefits- resulting in an upgraded interior and a priceless sense of rejuvenation.

Grow More – Stress Less

Sometimes the hardest part is just knowing where to start.  This is why we’ve gone ahead and compiled a simple but complete PLANT CARE GUIDE that will help you get off the ground with some basic indoor gardening tips.

We’ve also selected some of our favorite types of plants that are most suitable for your specific style and environment.  They range from lavender to pomegranates to snap peas and all add a vibrant touch of life to your home.


Full Sun Plants
Medium Light Plants
Low Light Plants
High Light Plants

BLOOM WHERE You’re Planted – The Blog

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with many bright individuals from all walks of life but even within our complex modern society, one thing is for sure- people love plants, but more importantly, people need plants.

In our blog BLOOM WHERE YOU’RE PLANTED we cover topics and current conversations from interior design trends to sustainable living to modern health concerns and solutions – all revolving around lifestyles improved by plants.

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