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White 20W ASPECT LED Growlight – Small

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Growing tired of a lifeless interior? Sometimes it only takes a perfectly placed plant to bring an entire room to life. Bring nature indoors while adding a sophisticated touch to your space with the grow light used by interior designers, growers & people like you!

The Aspect is a revolutionary LED pendant light that grows plants using the photosynthetic spectrum while displaying them with museum quality light. The Small 20 Watt Aspect is great for medium and small houseplants, herbs, and dwarf trees.

$19.99 TO CANADA
Researched, designed and built in America.


Our warm white spectrum will stand out among our competitors because we know interior design is important to you! The Aspect is the ideal light for both supporting your plants and displaying them beautifully indoors. With a color temperature of 3000K and a color rendering index (CRI) value of 97, the Aspect grow light promises a professional level of color accuracy usually reserved for photographers or art galleries.

Coverage area depends on what you plan to grow, A general rule of thumb is that the coverage is comparable to that of a 60 watt high pressure sodium light. Listed below are the plants we recommend growing with the small 20 watt Aspect.

High Light Plants (Coverage 10" - 18"): Aloe, Aralia, Azalea, Banana, Cacti, Dwarf Citrus Trees, Ficus, Olive, Dwarf Pineapple, Pomegranate, Succulents, Venus Fly Traps

Medium Light Plants (Coverage 20" - 28"): African Violet, Aluminum Plant, Arrowhead Vine, Bamboo, Begonias, Bird-of-Paradise, Coffee Plant, Corn Plant, Dracaena, Herbs, Orchids, Peace Lily, Peperomia, Pleomele, Spider Plant, Wandering Jew

Low Light Plants (Coverage 30" - 36"): Aglaonemas,, Asparagus, Ferns, Cast Iron Plant, Chinese Evergreen, Dieffenbachia, Snake Plant, Staghorn Fern, Ivy, Pothos, Philodendron, ZZ Plant


Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 9 in
Cord Color

Black, White, Beige, Brown, Purple, Navy Blue, blue, Turquoisue, Light Green, Green, Dark Green, Olive Green, Gray, Shiny Gold, Yellow, Orange, Light Pink, Rose, Pink, Red


90 – 240 VAC

Frequency Range

50/60 Hz

Total Power Consumption

20 Watts

Aspect Color


Aspect Size

Small 20W

Cord Length

15 Feet, contact us for other lengths


Do not get wet

brilliance. beauty. power
full spectrum

The Aspect creates warm white light within the photosynthetic spectrum.

full coverage

Determine which Aspect you need quickly and easily.

White Aspect LED Light
customize color

Since we build each Aspect, we can customize your light to fit your style!

buy american

The Aspect was designed and is assembled in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

coverage and hanging height

Examples of plants and their light requirements are listed below. These recommendations may vary depending on plant size and species. As you raise the light, the light intensity will decrease and the plant may either stop growing, not flower, or stretch rapidly towards the light. Larger plants may require two or more Aspect units to provide adequate light coverage.

Not Recommended, We suggest checking out the 40 Watt Aspect!

Grow Light tips
Medium Light Plants
Low Light Plants
High Light Plants

quality of light

Kelvin (Warm White Color)
Color Rendering Index
Plus Plants to Grow
Different Cord Colors


Endless Options
Plants are key to a fresh and colorful interior décor, so why should you settle for any less when buying your growlight? Whether you want the Aspect to fit in or stand out, we can customize your light to fit your style! Since your light is made in the United States, not overseas, it typically only takes us a day to customize your light or a few days for anything we need to special order.
Colorful Cords
Currently, we have 15 different vintage style fabric cord to pick from. We plan to stock more, so do not hesitate to contact us! We might already stock your dream color. We can also weave custom patterns with large orders.

Don't like the industrial sleek black look of the Aspect? NO PROBLEM! When you order on our website, we include an interchangeable lamp shade hook! Our hooks are 3D printed each day and available in 8 colors, just contact us for details! Now you can grow plants indoors while complementing numerous décor and design styles.
LED technology
Our warm white spectrum will stand out among our competitors because we know interior design is important to you! We continue to use the newest LED technology for increased light output and efficiency.


in the box
  • Aspect SMALL 20W LED Decor Growlight
  • Outlet Timer
  • 3 Pack Ceiling Hooks (White)
  • Interchangeable Lamp Shade Hook
  • Grower’s Guide
  • Quick Start Guide


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